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Paul Bunyan Broadcasting is excited to bring you a unique collection of podcasts across a variety of subjects. Come back often as we cover sports, music, movies, entertainment and more.

Weather 101

    • Podcasts

    Episode #1 - Cars 101

    Episode #2 - Know Your Tires..Inside & Out

    • Podcasts

    Ep #1 - Podcast Premier

    Ep #2 - Community Resource Connections

    Ep #3 - Park Place of Bemidji

    Ep #4 - Northern Dental Access Center

    Ep #5 - Hope House

    Ep #6 - Evergreen Shelter

    Ep #7 - Headwaters Science Center

    Ep #8 - North Country Food Bank

    Ep #9 - Churches United

    • Podcasts

    Episode #1 - Air Pressure

    Episode #2 - Temperature

    Episode #3 - Jet Stream

    Episode #4 - Air Masses

    Episode #5 - Fronts

    Episode #6 - Summer Storms

Nick & Rick Talk Flicks

sponsored by Bemidji Theatre

Cheers To Beer

with Scott Williams

The Joy of Context:

Podcasts with Tom & Kat

Remember...it’s all in how you look at it!

    • Podcasts

    #1. Age of the Sitcom, Family Participation & the Joy of Murderer's Row

    #2. Cartoons, Characters & the Joy of Childhood through the decades

    #3. Commercials, Madison Avenue & the Joy of Mind Control Evolution

    #4. The Joy of Comfortable Skin, Hot Flashing & AARP Harassment

    #5. The Joy And Angst Of All

    Things Holiday

    #6. The Joy of Toys & the Zen of Childhood Lesson Learning

    #7. The Joy of of Breakfast, Sugar Bombs, "Contents May Settle" and Scrapple

    #8. Summertime!

    • Podcasts

    Episode I: The Good, The Bad & The Fill-Ins

    Episode II: SequelMania 2k17

    Episode III: The Journey's The Thing

    Episode IV: The Cosmic Comic Clash

    Episode V: The Stars (in order of appearance)

    Episode VI- Remakes; It's A Trap!

    Episode VII- A Midsummer Day's Check-In

    Episode VIII- The Megaphones

    Episode IX- War On The Big Screen

    Episode X - Man The Canon

    Episode XI - Fix It Volume 1

    Episode XII - Season Preview

    Episode XIII - When The Stars Align

    Episode XIV - Screams On Screen

    Episode XV - The Long & Short of it

    Episode XVI - Fit It Volume 2

    Episode XVII - How Star Wars Changed The World Part 1

    Episode XVIII - How Star Wars Changed The World Part 2

    Episode XIX - A Lethal Christmas All The Way

    Episode XX - The Fox And The Mouse

    Episode XXI - A Panther Raider Solo Infinity

    Episode XXII - The Envelope, Please

    Episode XXIII - Through The Lens of History

    Episode XXIV - Close Encounters of the DETAILs Kind

    Episode XXV - How the West Was Won, Lost and Immortalized

    Episode XXVI - Coming Dis-tractions!

    Episode XXVII - Symphony Of The Screen

    Episode XXVIII - Post Avengers Summer Preview

    Episode XXIX - Dissecting The Avengers

    Episode XXX - The Theory of Ranking Everything

    Episode XXXI - Relieves Sore Muscles & Franchise Fatigue

    Episode XXXII - Goin' Golden

    Episode XXXIII - Fit It Vol. 3

    Episode XXXIV - TDK 10 Years Later

    Episode XXXV - The 2018 Fall Flick Feast

    Episode XXXVI - Pod, James Pod

    • Podcasts

    Upstream Home Brewers Tasting Saturday 3/24, Episode #1

    Starting to Brew with Bemidji Brewing's Tom Hill, Episode #2

    Tom Hill from Bemidji Brewing Joins Us Again on Beer Tasting & More, Episode #3

    Tom Shufman - Head Brewer at Waconia Brewery & Gary Glass - Director of the American Homebrewers Association, Episode #4

    Jeff Vondenkamp - Co-Founder/Head Brewer at Walker, MN new Brewery and Taproom "Portage Brewing Company", Episode #5

    Tom Hill - Update from Bemidji Brewing - Now Canning Beer", Episode #6

    Let's Talk Ciders with Jim Watkins, Co-Owner/Founder of Sociable Cider Werks", Episode #7

    Tom Hill, Bemidji Brewing's Head Brewer discusses "Sour Beers", new releases coming soon & his Belgium trip,

    Episode #8

    Jeff Vondenkamp Head Brewer from Portage Brewery in Walker, Episode #9

    Andrea Williams with DS Beverages, the marketing side of Beer! Episode #10

Rock The House:

The Curling Podcasts

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